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On 15th October 2019, the Commissioner of Valuation signed a Valuation Order for the rating authority area of Dun Laoghaire Rathdowney County Council. The revaluation is part of an ongoing national programme to ensure that the rateable valuation of all commercial and industrial property in Ireland reflect the contemporary business environment.


Revaluation Information Packs were sent to each relevant occupier in the rating authority area of Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council on 15th October 2019. Included within the pack is a Revaluation Information Form which was to be completed and returned to the Valuations Office.

Over the past few months Valuation Managers from the Valuation Office have assessed the value of the properties in Dun Laoghaire Rathdown environs. They have set their provisional valuation based on relevant rental levels as at the valuation date of 16th September 2019.

The Valuation Office will issue a Proposed Valuation Certificate which will outline the valuation proposed for the property. If dissatisfied with the proposed valuation, occupiers have 40 days from the date of issue of the proposed certificate to make representations.

Final Valuations will be published on 15th September 2020 and come into effect for rating purposes from 30th October 2020 onwards.

How we can help

  • Review the Proposed Valuation Certificate and assess if there are grounds to challenge the Rateable Value.
  • Assist in providing representations to the Valuations Office where we believe savings can be made. These representations will fully outline our opinion the of Rateable Valuation, the methods of calculation used, together with relevant comparable evidence to support our case for reduction.
  • Secure rates refunds for our vacant or partially vacant properties.